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"When my husband and I finally decided to stop renting and purchase a home of our own, we called Hugh Gauthier. In the middle of our home search, we changed gears and had to basically start over. While this was not completely our fault, it did set us back in our search. Most realtors would have gotten frustrated and probably referred us out, but Hugh stood by us and we did find and purchase the home of our dreams at a price that worked beautifully within our budget! The realtor you choose really DOES matter, and we are thrilled with Hugh's personal service and attention to detail. Thanks so much for making our dreams come true!"
- Laurie J. James

"I have worked with Hugh in the past and I have been satisfied with the level of service and professionalism that he has delivered. His work ethic and knowledge of real estate are an asset to his clients."
- Ray Bourque